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iPhone Screen Repair Costs | How to Choose Your iPhone Repair Shop

iPhone screen repair costs are fairly straightforward. However, having an iPhone repaired at the wrong place can cost you more than just the price of the repair. Here are some keys to consider if you have a broken iPhone screen and need repair.

Fair Upfront Pricing

It is a very frustrating experience to take any item in for repair and then learn the cost is much more than you were told. A good technician should be able to tell you how much a repair will cost. That means any part of choosing a good iPhone repair shop is clear and fair upfront pricing.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost by Model Number

This is the number one factor impacting price. The cost of repairs typically goes down the older your iPhone model number. That means newer phones have the most expensive LCD or digitizer to replace. Any reputable repair shop will be able to tell you the price of your screen replacement upfront.

Did You Damage Other Components or the Frame

When assessing how much repairs will cost it is important to examine how you broke your phone. Did the screen pop out when you sat on your iPhone? Did you drop your iPhone? If so, from how high? Is your phone functioning properly outside of the broken or cracked screen?

A good repair shop will have a policy in place that ensures you will not be billed for any charges without prior approval from you, the customer. Cracked screens typically take 20-30 minutes or less and are easy solutions. Ensure your peace of mind by choosing a shop that clearly states something like:

“Charges for additional parts and phone repair services may apply, but are only added after approval for additional work is obtained from Customer.”

Unlocking iPhone Screen Repair Costs that are not as Obvious

You want to check reviews of any repair shop you choose. This will help you identify potential pitfalls with any shop you might consider. You want to see language like:

“I got a battery and screen replacement and I was done and out in like 20 minutes. Unbelievable!!! I will never go anywhere else if I have issues with my phone. Yep. I’m a customer for life!”

“Love this place. Had two phones that needed screens and one that had something going on with performance. Fixi Shop got them both working the same day for a great price. Thanks!”

A reputable repair shop will have happy customers. While no business can please all the people all the time, you should see excellent ratings and stories of happy, cost-effective & efficient repairs at any iPhone repair shop.

The cost of choosing a repair shop that does shoddy work or keeps your phone for days is not just money but your valuable time.

Choose a Repair Shop that Offers a Warranty

There is great value in minimizing your risk. There is also a definite cost when you don’t. That’s why we recommend choosing a repair shop with a warranty on repaired parts. A 90-day warranty on parts will ensure you get far enough down the road to know if any problems will arise.

Worry-Free iPhone Screen Replacement Cost

A broken iPhone is stressful. Nevertheless, when you choose a reputable repair shop your stress should start to melt away the moment you walk in. At the Fixi Shop we can check these items off in spades. That’s because it is our passion to get your iPhone in, get it Fixied, and get you back to enjoying your life.

If you want to replace your iPhone screen while saving money, time, and stress come by and see us today.  You can also learn more by visiting our website or call @ (817) 200-6199. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

iPhone Battery Replacement | How A New Battery Can Equal an Upgrade

iPhone battery replacement is often a simple solution for ‘upgrading’ your phone. In today’s cell phone market, carriers are constantly notifying customers: “It’s Time for an Upgrade”.

They then offer savings of hundreds of dollars off the latest, greatest iPhone. It sounds amazing and before you know it you are paying an extra $42/month for the next 2 years. It is marketing at its finest! You initially feel good about the hundreds of dollars you saved, but two years later your back pocket is $1,008 lighter!

Then it happens all over again. You are searching for your lost plug because your battery is dying quickly again and boom, a text message saying: “You are eligible for an iPhone upgrade.” You click on the link and “Wow”, the new one creates 3-D emojis of your dog with your choice of Australian accents! Hello, two more years starting at only $46/month. But…hey! It’s a $500 discount!

iPhone Battery Replacement Can Be a Simple Solution

A few years ago, Apple acknowledged that iPhone performance slows as the battery loses its charge. It is a complex formula written into the operating system to prevent, among other things, unexpected shut-downs.

Apple Support puts it this way:

“This performance management works by looking at a combination of the device temperature, battery state of charge, and battery impedance. Only if these variables require it, iOS will dynamically manage the maximum performance of some system components, such as the CPU and GPU, in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns.”

iPhone Battery and Performance


The bottom line is, as your phone’s battery ages, its peak performance slowly decreases. This loss of performance happens more quickly if you have high levels of battery usage and recharges. These activities eventually alter the chemical make-up of your battery and decrease its performance.

If you are receiving messages that your iPhone’s battery is performance is low then it may be time to evaluate the best way to ‘upgrade’ your phone. If you have noticed your performance slowing you can check your battery’s performance in iPhone Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Save Money!

We have outlined the cost of an iPhone upgrade through your carrier. The time comes for all of us when this is absolutely necessary. However, deferring the cost of a new iPhone or iPhones for 6-24 months can mean big savings over time.

If your iPhone is doing great, except for battery life or performance issues due to a bad battery this can mean $500 – $800 in saving over the next year. Who couldn’t use that?

At the Fixi shop, most of our iPhone battery replacements can be done while you wait. Our prices start at $55 per battery. When you consider activation fees and point of sale charges you often incur with a new iPhone, that is an immediate upgrade that saves you money for months to come.

Our trusted technicians are happy to evaluate your unique situation. If your best option is a new phone, we will tell you. However, if you can save hundreds of dollars and get excellent performance for another year or two??? Well, that’s why we love what we do.

If you are still wondering if iPhone battery replacement is right for you, give us a call @ (817) 200-6199.  You can also learn more by visiting our website. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Does your iPad Deserve a Repair or a Replacement?

Should I seek iPad repair? Should I have my iPad replaced? If you are asking these questions it is definitely a tough place to be. Here are some keys to help you make the best choice.


1. What’s the Cost to Cost Ratio: iPad Repair to Replace

As a general rule, you don’t want to spend more than 50% of the replacement costs on repairs. When it comes to smart devices, the percentage drops. We recommend looking at somewhere between 33% and 40% of the replacement cost. If it’s more than that, the repair may not be worth it.

If your iPad is no longer under warranty, it can be expensive to seek factory repair. A local repair shop is often much more cost-effective.

Consumer Repots found:

People who used independent repair shops were more satisfied with the repairs than those who used factory service, which is consistent with what we’ve found previously. And repairs cost less, too.

Should You Repair or Replace That Product – Consumer Reports


2. How Old is Your iPad

The second consideration for iPad repair is its age. After 5 years, you can start seeing performance issues. These problems can decrease the effectiveness of the device significantly.

If you heavily rely on apps for work or play, you know, every update to your apps increases their size. As your device is filled with pictures, apps, and documents it can decrease performance. An iOs expert can sometimes help you extend the longevity of your device. If you rely on apps heavily and their performance has declined on an older device, it may be time to replace it.

Another consideration of age is iOs compatibility issues. Eventually, older devices may become difficult to update. This can include the operating system and app compatibility or features. Evaluate your use of the device and the value of these ‘upgrades’.

While battery issues are usually a cost-effective repair, when you combine other issues of an aging device, it might be time to evaluate. A trusted iOs technician can advise regarding the best decision for you.

3. Is Your Device for Personal or Business Use?

There are people who have an iPad for 6 -8 years with no issues. Ultimately, it boils down to how you use your device.

If you run a small business and use your iPad to help run the business, lagging issues and slow response time equals money lost. That doesn’t mean your current machine can’t be optimized for performance and move the cost of a replacement down the road.

For those who mainly use their iPad for personal use, waiting to replace them can make financial sense. If you can make it a few more years because you mainly use your device for personal emails, pictures, and the occasional game, a repair often makes sense.

4. Do You Have a Trusted iPad Repair Expert to Talk to

If you have a friend or family member who is knowledgeable on smart devices, they can be a great resource. If not, the Fixishop is a trusted resource for our customers to help make these decisions.

Here is what a few had to say:

“Stop searching, because THIS IS THE PLACE to GET YOUR IPAD/IPHONE FIXED. My work Ipad screen was absolutely shattered and the shop owner got it fixed in under 3 hours. For just $99! It doesn’t get any better than this, affordable fast and convenient. Will definitely use this repair shop in the future.”

Kim Stephens

“Although I ended up not needing to get my phone fixed I would highly recommend! Completely honest and upfront about my phone. They were super helpful with advice. Great service. Thank you!”

Tiffany Echols

If you are still having a hard time making this decision, we would be honored to serve you in the process. You can learn more at  The Fixi Shop in Fort Worth. Our experts will take a look at your iPad, help you make an evaluation of your situation, and, if needed, get it fixed and back in operation.

How to Save Your Water Damaged iPhone | Five Tips

Someone accidentally bumped and spilled water on your phone. Your phone fell in the toilet when you were scrolling through Facebook. Your best friends threw you in the pool with your phone still in your pocket.  You forgot to properly close the cap of a water bottle in your bag your phone was in. We have heard these stories and so many more. Your iPhone’s life-threatening and inevitable contact with liquid will always be one of your worst nightmares. When that time comes you better be prepared.

Most of us have been there. We know it’s frustrating to accidentally drop your iPhone into water. On top of the expensive price tag, you might lose all those images and memories that are stored in your Apple Device in just a blink of an eye.

But don’t fret yet, there’s still hope.

Tip #1
Retrieve your device as quickly as possible.

If your iPhone is still submerged underwater, you should get it out as soon as you can.

The longer it stays submerged, the higher the chance of getting permanent damage or even completely destroying it.

Tip #2
Don’t turn it on

Usually, when your iPhone gets wet, especially if it gets submerged, there’s a high chance that it will automatically switch off. We highly advise you to not turn your device on as it will cause more damage and can short circuit all the internal components of your apple device.

If it’s switched on, we advise you to turn it off as soon as you can to prevent further damage to its internal components. 

Tip #3
Remove your iPhone cover and sim card.

Removing your iPhone’s case if there’s any can help your phone dry faster. You also need to remove your sim card as there might be liquid trapped inside. These steps are recommended to prevent any damage in your device.

Tip #4
Introduce a drying agent

Give your iPhone some help by providing a fan or other drying agent. Many of you have probably heard and wondered if putting your iPhone in uncooked rice will help to remove the moisture. Well, as it turns out, it really helps in removing moisture on your phone, helping it to dry faster. Just a reminder to keep your phone in a flat position to keep water from spilling to other internal parts.

Tip #5

Wait it out
iphone repair companies

This is probably the most difficult thing because you don’t know if what you did was effective, but remember that waiting for a day or more could make or break your iPhone.

Next step

If you did everything here and your iPhone’s still not working, this is the best time to get it to checked out by

iPhone repair companies

near you, and there’s none better than the iOS mechanics at Fixi Shop. Visit

or call (817) 301-0544 for more info.