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How To Fix Your iPad Battery Draining Too Quickly

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that your iPad is running low on battery power pretty quickly. You may also know that many applications (apps) on iOS are designed to go into a suspended state if they haven’t been used in a while, which means that they don’t use any battery power until you restart them. So why is your iPad draining its battery so quickly?

What could be happening:

    • you left an app open with the screen turned off
    • you have an app or setting that’s using up more power than usual


Close the apps you’re not using

The first thing you want to do is make sure that no apps are running in the background and causing unnecessary activity. To do this, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the slider appear (about 5 seconds). Drag this slider to turn off your iPad. After it turns off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until you see the Apple logo appear on your screen (about 30 seconds).

Restart your iPad

If that doesn’t solve the problem, restarting your device may help. Press and hold down both the Home button and up volume button for about 10 seconds until your device restarts.

To further extend battery performance on an older iPad with a worn-out battery, disable some settings like “Hey Siri.” You can also reduce screen brightness by changing its auto-lock setting from “never” to “after 2 minutes,” or adjust automatic email fetching from every 15 minutes to every hour. If these changes don’t seem to help or don’t work for you, talk with an Apple specialist about replacing your battery for $100-$250 (depending on your model).

Opt-Out from Push Notifications

Push mail on your iPad can be a useful feature, but it can also use up your battery life. It’s advisable when you’re out and about to disable the push notification if you want to save your iPad battery. To change this setting, go to Settings > Mail > Fetch New Data and turn off Push email. Then select “Fetch Every 15 Minutes.” This will not notify you with new mails as they come in, but instead updates them automatically every fifteen minutes.

Turn off Unnecessary Location Services

Location-based services, such as Weather from Apple, Facebook Messenger, or Google Maps will drain your iPad battery faster than usual.

To save battery life on your iPad, you can turn off unnecessary location services.

Remove Unimportant Widgets

Widgets are great for getting important information at a glance, but some of them can drain your iPad battery fast. To fix this, go to the settings menu, then to General Settings and then look for the option that says “Set Auto-Lock“. Depending on how much control you want over your display’s auto-lock, choose between 2 and 15 minutes.

Update iOS

The first way surest way to know that an update is ready for download is by checking for one in the Settings app. To do this: open Settings and then go to General > Software Update. If an iOS update is available, you’ll see Download and Install under the Update option at the top of the screen. Make sure your device has enough room on its storage drive before proceeding; updates usually range from 500MB – 1GB (gigabyte), so make sure there’s at least 1GB remaining before starting the process.

Click Download and Install when you’re ready—you may have to enter your passcode here—and wait for the installation window to pop up again once the update has finished downloading (or else just close Settings). Then follow these same steps all over again; when prompted enter your passcode again if prompted (this will unlock your device) then click Restart followed by Enter Passcode once more after restarting your device; after this second restart you should be able to enjoy some better battery life!

Reset All Settings

If your iPad is running out of battery quickly, you can help it last longer by restoring it to factory settings. This process completely erases all of your settings, apps, and data from the iPad and resets it to its original state when you first purchased or received it. If you’ve been using your iPad for a while and simply want a fresh start on everything (perhaps with a new wallpaper or cosmetic changes), restoring allows you to do that without sacrificing any of the content or data from when it was new.

Restoring is easy:
Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Settings and Content

When to Have an iPad Screen Repair

It’s inevitable that some cracks may appear on the screen of our iPads. No matter how great the quality of Apple products are, there are just times when we inadvertently drop them. Sometimes, we drop something on them. Sometimes we step on them or your kids step on them.

However, you don’t always have to resort to iPad screen repair the moment cracks appear. Save your money until it’s absolutely time to have the screen repaired.

When is the right time for iPad screen repair?

Logically, if you have a major crack, which means that it’s a long one–possibly going across most of the screen, then that’s definitely time to look for an iPad screen repair near me.

The danger with large cracks is that they could branch out. Then that one single crack will suddenly become dozens of cracks. That one major crack won’t immediately branch out, so you still have time. But that should already warn you that the situation could worsen.

When there are too many cracks on the screen, the iPad will have a hard time identifying your commands. It might not even identify your fingerprint anymore. That’s going to be a problem since you won’t be able to do anything with your iPad anymore.

However, for minor cracks, there is no need to spend money for iPad screen repair. There are other ways to save your gadget and give the screen a longer life.

Invest in good screen protection

If your cracks are just on the side and not even noticeable, then save your money for now. Just buy a screen protector to somehow bind the cracked parts and to prevent other parts of the iPad from cracking.

As long as you make sure not to drop your iPad multiple times, those tiny cracks on the side won’t do too much damage.

Here’s the deal: You should not wait for your iPad to develop some cracks before you buy protection. You should already invest in a good screen protector the moment you spend hundreds of dollars for a new iPad.

Now, if you actually paid for AppleCare, then you can use that to cover screen repair when you have major cracks on the screen.

Another great option is to visit an iPad screen repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Get it fixed while you wait!

If you see that your iPad screen already has major cracks and each of the major cracks is starting to branch out, you have to take it to The Fixi Shop – an expert in repairing most iPad models.

The best part about The Fixi Shop is that you can get your iPad back the same day you brought it.

Everybody knows how important iPads and iPhones are in one’s daily life. The Fixi Shop understands that a single day without your iPad could have ramifications in your professional and personal life.

So, when you bring the iPad to the shop, an iPad expert will diagnose the problem, and in most cases, will fix it while you wait. Since we are talking about an iPad screen problem, the diagnosis won’t take long and the repair can get started right away.

The Fixi Shop repairs most iPhone models, too.

For more information, visit or call 817-301-0544.

How to Tell if Your iPad Has Water Damage and How to Fix It

An iPhone has an indicator for water damage. For those who don’t know, some of the newer iPhone models have a water damage indicator. It is located in the tray for the SIM card. If there is water damage, the indicator will have a red color.

It’s not the same with the iPad.

The thing is, iPads are really not water-resistant. They were not created with the possibility of being drenched in water in mind. The iPhones, on the other hand, can be used to take underwater photos. Still, the phones would need water-resistant protection to be used underwater.

The point is, the iPad wasn’t created the same way. If you have an iPad, you should really make sure it doesn’t get wet.

But life is unpredictable and accidents can happen.

So, how can you tell if your iPad has water damage?

If your iPad has gotten wet, try to wipe the liquid off right away. Then, you need to check if the iPad has water damage.

In some cases, the water damage can be visible. You can actually see moisture behind the iPad screen. It could also appear on the camera lens. This is a clear indication that you will need a reputable repair shop.

For iPad screen repair near Fort Worth, TX, there is The Fixi Shop. It is home to some of the best experts of Apple products in Texas with the goal of fixing iPads and iPhones while you wait.

It’s really quite simple, you just drop by the shop and have the experts diagnose the problem. Seeing that you already know that this is about water damage, then the diagnosis part will be quick.

Then, The Fixi Shop repair personnel will fix your iPad as soon as they can. The Fixi Shop knows how important the Apple tablet is in one’s professional and personal life, so its technicians will not linger on the work. They will have your iPad good as new as quickly as possible.

Other ways to assess water damage

Now, if you can’t see moisture behind your iPad screen, then it doesn’t mean that your iPad wasn’t affected by the water.

  1. Leave the iPad alone for a day. You do this in the hopes that when the water dries, the iPad will continue to function well. If it is no longer following your commands or the screen is not detecting your finger movements, then there is definitely water damage.
  2. You could take apart your iPad to let the internal parts dry. This is not advisable if you are not a techy person as you might damage the product in the process of disassembly or reassembly.

Save yourself the effort and save your iPad from possible damage by just bringing it to The Fixi Shop. The business has been repairing most models of iPads for years. Water damage on an iPad is a manageable task for the IOS Mechanics at The Fixi Shop.

For Info or Service: visit or call 817-301-0544.

How to Get your iPhone Repaired

If you’re search online for iPhone repair near me, then this article is for you. We’ll take a look at how and where to find the best repair options for your phone.

Many people —including you— might be asking “can’t I just do it myself?” Some repairs may seem like they could be done easily enough by anyone with some DIY skills, but when it comes to expensive electronics (like an iPhone), there are many dangers. The last thing that you want is for something to go wrong during the repair process and end up costing even more money!

Check if your iPhone is still covered by a warranty

Let’s start with how to get your iPhone repaired by Apple. If you have an AppleCare+ plan, then repairs are usually free. You can take your device into an Apple Store.

If you’re not comfortable taking your device to a store, or if there isn’t an Apple Store near you, you can also mail it in for repair. Just go to the Apple website and follow the instructions. There’s a good chance that your phone could be fixed and returned to you in as little as a few days.

If you don’t have a warranty or if the damage is not covered, however, then the cost of repair will vary depending on what needs to be fixed. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $50-$300 for most repairs (not including parts).

What is Apple’s hardware repair coverage?

IPhone comes with a one year of hardware repair coverage.

It also includes up to two service incidents, which are subject to Apple’s discretion.

AppleCare+ costs $129 for an iPhone XS or newer models and covers hardware repairs as well as telephone support during the first 90 days of purchase. You can buy it when you make your initial purchase or within 60 days after that date. It isn’t available for the iPhone SE, iPhone XR, or earlier models.

If you have AppleCare+, you’re covered for up to two incidents of accidental damage. Each incident has a service fee of $29 for screen damage, $99 for other damage, or $149 for replacement of your device.

How to check iPhone coverage?

There are a few ways to check your iPhone’s coverage. The easiest is to open the Settings app and tap on “General.” Scroll down and tap on “About,” then look for “Device Coverage” near the bottom of the screen.

What if my phone is out of coverage?

If you’re outside of Apple’s coverage, the company recommends getting online and researching how to get your iPhone repaired. It also suggests seeking help from a third-party repair service — if it meets certain qualifications, such as using genuine parts and having an authorization number from Apple.

Set Up a Repair Case with Apple

If you have an AppleCare+ plan, you can set up a repair case online. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll need to go to an Apple Store or find an authorized service provider.

To set up a support case with, go to Apple Support page and select your iPhone model. Choose Set up a repair in the Repairs and Service Coverage section.

What types of damage are covered?

Apple covers most types of accidental damage, including liquid damage. However, there are some exceptions, such as cosmetic problems.

How long will the repair take?

Apple says most repairs take an hour or less, but it can vary depending on how busy the Apple Store is and how badly your phone has been damaged. If you’re using a third-party service provider that’s not part of Apple Authorized Service Provider Program, that could take longer as well.

What are the costs associated with a repair?

Apple will only quote you how much it costs for labor and parts if your phone is covered under warranty or an AppleCare product. You can get more details when setting up your support case on Apple.

Repairs can vary in price. You will have to pay how much the repair is going to cost for your particular device, which depends on what issue it has and how extensive that damage is. However, if you are looking at a hardware problem with your phone then this could be extremely expensive as it would require parts being replaced or completely new. Hardware repairs can start at $149 for an iPhone 4 up to $599 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Go to a reliable third-party iPhone repair shop

Finally, if you really not sure what’s wrong with your device or how to fix it, there are a number of third-party repair shops that can help you out.

iPhone repair shops are cropping up all over the place. It seems like every other business is claiming to be an iPhone expert. Just be careful who you choose as some of these places may try to scam you or they don’t really have the expertise they claim.

Do your research and find a reputable shop before handing over your device. Surely, these are some of the questions that you have in mind:

– How much it will cost to get your iPhone repaired?

– How long the repair process will take?

– Is there a warranty for repairs?

If you’re looking for a reputable iPhone repair shop in Fort Worth, come visit The Fixi Shop at 1800 Montgomery St, Fort Worth, TX 76107.

We’re the most trusted iPhone repair shop in Fort Worth. We offer same-day repairs and curbside pickup. For more information, call us now at 817-301-0544.

iPhone Charging Port Not Working? | How to Avoid Buying New!

You just discovered your iPhone charging port is not working… as a result, your alarm didn’t go off this morning. Then you drove to work with a dead iPhone, panicked! Perhaps you know your charge port has issues. Because of this, you have an amazing system set up where the cord stays at the perfect angle to keep charging. The only problem is, one false move, one bump in the road, and boom – your lightning streak disappears and your battery life starts to drop.

We can only talk about it because the story is so common. iPhone charging ports are a top reason customers replace their iPhones. Let us start out by saying, this replacement is often unnecessary. We want to share some ways to fix your iPhone that can be cost-effective. Then we want to offer some preventative measures to protect your iPhone charging port.

iPhone Charging Port Not Working | DIY Assessment

If you made this search, you will be happy you stopped by here first. Why? Because not all YouTube do-it-yourself solutions are equal. Regrettably, there are a few of these “self-repair videos” that can actually damage your iPhone. However, they are right about the premise. The most common reason your iPhone won’t charge is that the port is clogged with lint, dust, or other debris.

DIY Don’ts

First, DO power down your iPhone. It is simply safer to ensure you avoid any electrical discharge between parts.

Second, NEVER shove anything metal into your charging point. Charging ports are sensitive pieces of electronics. They also allow your iPhone to communicate with other devices such as computers, cameras (GoPros), and headphones. As a result, you can cause performance issues with any of these or create a scenario where information exchange such as video is corrupted on transfer.

Some videos recommend toothpicks: DON’T use toothpicks. This too can create debris problems and make matters worse if the toothpick breaks or a small splinter of wood becomes lodged in the port.

DO NOT blow into your charge port. Your mouth is full of moisture. First, we work to avoid the word moist at all costs. Second, moisture and electric components (a.k.a. charge ports) don’t mix well.


DO USE compressed air to see if you can dislodge the lint. It is often this simple. Keep the can upright to avoid moisture or condensation entering the charge port.

If this doesn’t work by itself, an anti-static brush is a perfect tool for cleaning out your port. Since most people don’t have one handy, we recommend a 99 cent soft-bristle unused toothbrush. Again, without forcing it in, gently brush the port. If you produce some lint, you are on the right track. Following this, you can use the forced air again.

Repeat this if necessary until all the debris is removed. At this point, you should be able to feel the satisfying click of your charge cord freely entering your iPhone’s charge port.

My Charging Port is Actually Loose or Broken

“I’ve done all this and, still, my iPhone charging port is not working.” If you have determined your charging point is in need of repair do not despair. It’s time to take it to Apple if you still have Apple Care. The employees at the genius bar can diagnose the issue and replace your phone or have it repaired.

Conversely, if you are past your warranty and don’t have Apple care you can still have it repaired at a third-party iPhone repair shop. Fortunately, you will often find repairs are very cost-effective. As a result, your iPhone can be back at peak performance quickly and efficiently.

Repairs of charging ports can usually be done on the same day. If you have questions about the cost, you can call for an estimate:

Preventing Charging Port Problems with Your iPhone

If you have had a problem before you might be able to prevent the issues in the future by taking a few simple steps.

Don’t keep your phone in your pocket. Understandably, there are times you must. For this situation, you can purchase an anti-dust plug. It is fairly inexpensive. On top of that, it does a great job of keeping dust and lint out of you port.

If you are listening to wired headphone or charging your iPhone, don’t put pressure on the plug at the port. This can happen if you walk with your headphone plugged in and your iPhone in your front pocket. In addition, pressure can also be created by wrapping cords tightly around your phone while the cord is still plugged in. We recommend unplugging cords when they are not in use.

iPhone Charge Port Not Working? | Call the Fixi Shop

Our trusted technicians are happy to evaluate your unique situation. If your best option is a new phone, we will tell you. However, if you can save hundreds of dollars and get excellent performance for another year or two??? Well, that’s why we love what we do.

If you are still wondering if your iPhone charge port is really broken, give us a call @ (817) 200-6199.  We will be happy to take a look at it. You can also learn more by visiting our website. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

iPhone Screen Repair Costs | How to Choose Your iPhone Repair Shop

iPhone screen repair costs are fairly straightforward. However, having an iPhone repaired at the wrong place can cost you more than just the price of the repair. Here are some keys to consider if you have a broken iPhone screen and need repair.

Fair Upfront Pricing

It is a very frustrating experience to take any item in for repair and then learn the cost is much more than you were told. A good technician should be able to tell you how much a repair will cost. That means any part of choosing a good iPhone repair shop is clear and fair upfront pricing.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost by Model Number

This is the number one factor impacting price. The cost of repairs typically goes down the older your iPhone model number. That means newer phones have the most expensive LCD or digitizer to replace. Any reputable repair shop will be able to tell you the price of your screen replacement upfront.

Did You Damage Other Components or the Frame

When assessing how much repairs will cost it is important to examine how you broke your phone. Did the screen pop out when you sat on your iPhone? Did you drop your iPhone? If so, from how high? Is your phone functioning properly outside of the broken or cracked screen?

A good repair shop will have a policy in place that ensures you will not be billed for any charges without prior approval from you, the customer. Cracked screens typically take 20-30 minutes or less and are easy solutions. Ensure your peace of mind by choosing a shop that clearly states something like:

“Charges for additional parts and phone repair services may apply, but are only added after approval for additional work is obtained from Customer.”

Unlocking iPhone Screen Repair Costs that are not as Obvious

You want to check reviews of any repair shop you choose. This will help you identify potential pitfalls with any shop you might consider. You want to see language like:

“I got a battery and screen replacement and I was done and out in like 20 minutes. Unbelievable!!! I will never go anywhere else if I have issues with my phone. Yep. I’m a customer for life!”

“Love this place. Had two phones that needed screens and one that had something going on with performance. Fixi Shop got them both working the same day for a great price. Thanks!”

A reputable repair shop will have happy customers. While no business can please all the people all the time, you should see excellent ratings and stories of happy, cost-effective & efficient repairs at any iPhone repair shop.

The cost of choosing a repair shop that does shoddy work or keeps your phone for days is not just money but your valuable time.

Choose a Repair Shop that Offers a Warranty

There is great value in minimizing your risk. There is also a definite cost when you don’t. That’s why we recommend choosing a repair shop with a warranty on repaired parts. A 90-day warranty on parts will ensure you get far enough down the road to know if any problems will arise.

Worry-Free iPhone Screen Replacement Cost

A broken iPhone is stressful. Nevertheless, when you choose a reputable repair shop your stress should start to melt away the moment you walk in. At the Fixi Shop we can check these items off in spades. That’s because it is our passion to get your iPhone in, get it Fixied, and get you back to enjoying your life.

If you want to replace your iPhone screen while saving money, time, and stress come by and see us today.  You can also learn more by visiting our website or call @ (817) 200-6199. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

iPhone Battery Replacement | How A New Battery Can Equal an Upgrade

iPhone battery replacement is often a simple solution for ‘upgrading’ your phone. In today’s cell phone market, carriers are constantly notifying customers: “It’s Time for an Upgrade”.

They then offer savings of hundreds of dollars off the latest, greatest iPhone. It sounds amazing and before you know it you are paying an extra $42/month for the next 2 years. It is marketing at its finest! You initially feel good about the hundreds of dollars you saved, but two years later your back pocket is $1,008 lighter!

Then it happens all over again. You are searching for your lost plug because your battery is dying quickly again and boom, a text message saying: “You are eligible for an iPhone upgrade.” You click on the link and “Wow”, the new one creates 3-D emojis of your dog with your choice of Australian accents! Hello, two more years starting at only $46/month. But…hey! It’s a $500 discount!

iPhone Battery Replacement Can Be a Simple Solution

A few years ago, Apple acknowledged that iPhone performance slows as the battery loses its charge. It is a complex formula written into the operating system to prevent, among other things, unexpected shut-downs.

Apple Support puts it this way:

“This performance management works by looking at a combination of the device temperature, battery state of charge, and battery impedance. Only if these variables require it, iOS will dynamically manage the maximum performance of some system components, such as the CPU and GPU, in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns.”

iPhone Battery and Performance


The bottom line is, as your phone’s battery ages, its peak performance slowly decreases. This loss of performance happens more quickly if you have high levels of battery usage and recharges. These activities eventually alter the chemical make-up of your battery and decrease its performance.

If you are receiving messages that your iPhone’s battery is performance is low then it may be time to evaluate the best way to ‘upgrade’ your phone. If you have noticed your performance slowing you can check your battery’s performance in iPhone Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Save Money!

We have outlined the cost of an iPhone upgrade through your carrier. The time comes for all of us when this is absolutely necessary. However, deferring the cost of a new iPhone or iPhones for 6-24 months can mean big savings over time.

If your iPhone is doing great, except for battery life or performance issues due to a bad battery this can mean $500 – $800 in saving over the next year. Who couldn’t use that?

At the Fixi shop, most of our iPhone battery replacements can be done while you wait. Our prices start at $55 per battery. When you consider activation fees and point of sale charges you often incur with a new iPhone, that is an immediate upgrade that saves you money for months to come.

Our trusted technicians are happy to evaluate your unique situation. If your best option is a new phone, we will tell you. However, if you can save hundreds of dollars and get excellent performance for another year or two??? Well, that’s why we love what we do.

If you are still wondering if iPhone battery replacement is right for you, give us a call @ (817) 200-6199.  You can also learn more by visiting our website. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Does your iPad Deserve a Repair or a Replacement?

Should I seek iPad repair? Should I have my iPad replaced? If you are asking these questions it is definitely a tough place to be. Here are some keys to help you make the best choice.


1. What’s the Cost to Cost Ratio: iPad Repair to Replace

As a general rule, you don’t want to spend more than 50% of the replacement costs on repairs. When it comes to smart devices, the percentage drops. We recommend looking at somewhere between 33% and 40% of the replacement cost. If it’s more than that, the repair may not be worth it.

If your iPad is no longer under warranty, it can be expensive to seek factory repair. A local repair shop is often much more cost-effective.

Consumer Repots found:

People who used independent repair shops were more satisfied with the repairs than those who used factory service, which is consistent with what we’ve found previously. And repairs cost less, too.

Should You Repair or Replace That Product – Consumer Reports


2. How Old is Your iPad

The second consideration for iPad repair is its age. After 5 years, you can start seeing performance issues. These problems can decrease the effectiveness of the device significantly.

If you heavily rely on apps for work or play, you know, every update to your apps increases their size. As your device is filled with pictures, apps, and documents it can decrease performance. An iOs expert can sometimes help you extend the longevity of your device. If you rely on apps heavily and their performance has declined on an older device, it may be time to replace it.

Another consideration of age is iOs compatibility issues. Eventually, older devices may become difficult to update. This can include the operating system and app compatibility or features. Evaluate your use of the device and the value of these ‘upgrades’.

While battery issues are usually a cost-effective repair, when you combine other issues of an aging device, it might be time to evaluate. A trusted iOs technician can advise regarding the best decision for you.

3. Is Your Device for Personal or Business Use?

There are people who have an iPad for 6 -8 years with no issues. Ultimately, it boils down to how you use your device.

If you run a small business and use your iPad to help run the business, lagging issues and slow response time equals money lost. That doesn’t mean your current machine can’t be optimized for performance and move the cost of a replacement down the road.

For those who mainly use their iPad for personal use, waiting to replace them can make financial sense. If you can make it a few more years because you mainly use your device for personal emails, pictures, and the occasional game, a repair often makes sense.

4. Do You Have a Trusted iPad Repair Expert to Talk to

If you have a friend or family member who is knowledgeable on smart devices, they can be a great resource. If not, the Fixishop is a trusted resource for our customers to help make these decisions.

Here is what a few had to say:

“Stop searching, because THIS IS THE PLACE to GET YOUR IPAD/IPHONE FIXED. My work Ipad screen was absolutely shattered and the shop owner got it fixed in under 3 hours. For just $99! It doesn’t get any better than this, affordable fast and convenient. Will definitely use this repair shop in the future.”

Kim Stephens

“Although I ended up not needing to get my phone fixed I would highly recommend! Completely honest and upfront about my phone. They were super helpful with advice. Great service. Thank you!”

Tiffany Echols

If you are still having a hard time making this decision, we would be honored to serve you in the process. You can learn more at  The Fixi Shop in Fort Worth. Our experts will take a look at your iPad, help you make an evaluation of your situation, and, if needed, get it fixed and back in operation.