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iPhone Battery Replacement | How A New Battery Can Equal an Upgrade

iPhone battery replacement is often a simple solution for 'upgrading' your phone. In today's cell phone market, carriers are constantly...
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Does your iPad Deserve a Repair or a Replacement?

Should I seek iPad repair? Should I have my iPad replaced? If you are asking these questions it is definitely...
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Save the World. Have Your iPhone and iPad Repaired

The Fixi Shop helps Apple users to repair their iPad or iPhone rather than replacing them. The company, located in...
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How to Save Your Water Damaged iPhone | Five Tips

Someone accidentally bumped and spilled water on your phone. Your phone fell in the toilet when you were scrolling through...
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When to take an iPad in for Repair in Fort Worth

Many adults in Fort Worth own an iPad. Actually according to data from the Pew Internet Research Center approximately 34%...
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Check Out the Options for iPod Repair in Fort Worth

You know the saying that goes “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”? Many people find that to...
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iPhone Repair May Not be Under Warranty

iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones in today’s market.  Even if you do not own one, you have...
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The Fixi Shop Launches a New Website

(Arlington, TX, July 15, 2013) --- Officials with The Fixi Shop announced today that it has officially launched its new...
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The Fixi Shop Opens a New Location in Fort Worth

(Arlington, TX, July 9, 2013) --- There’s an old adage in business that says location is everything, and thanks to...
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The Fixi Shop’s Fort Worth Location Meeting the Needs of Public Demand

(Arlington, TX, Aug. 7, 2013) --- Finding a reliable iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair shop, according to some Apple users,...
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Get Your iPad Working with iPad Repair Experts in Fort Worth

If you are holding a damaged iPad, then you will want to get it repaired. Your iPad is probably quite...
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People Are Talking... On Yelp

We unknowingly arrived after hours and Jimmy acted like they were still open. He spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out the problem with our phone. We took it somewhere else before coming here and they said it was fried. Jimmy got it to come on and retrieved the data as well. Amazing!!! These guys are so smart, professional, and courteous. He didn’t even charge me! I’ll never go anywhere else.