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No one wants downtime with their broken iPhone or iPad. “Fixed while you wait” is our mission for your iPhone. We are the IOS mechanics for your iPhone & iPad repair. The Fixi Shop goal is pretty simple:  Get it in, get it fixied and get it back in service!

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If you find yourself searching that sorrowful term, “iphone repair near me” or “ipad repair near me”, never fear! The Fixi Shop is here for you!


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We unknowingly arrived after hours and Jimmy acted like they were still open. He spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out the problem with our phone. We took it somewhere else before coming here and they said it was fried. Jimmy got it to come on and retrieved the data as well. Amazing!!! These guys are so smart, professional, and courteous. He didn’t even charge me! I’ll never go anywhere else.

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