iPhone Charging Port Not Working? | How to Avoid Buying New!

You just discovered your iPhone charging port is not working… as a result, your alarm didn’t go off this morning. Then you drove to work with a dead iPhone, panicked! Perhaps you know your charge port has issues. Because of this, you have an amazing system set up where the cord stays at the perfect angle to keep charging. The only problem is, one false move, one bump in the road, and boom – your lightning streak disappears and your battery life starts to drop.

We can only talk about it because the story is so common. iPhone charging ports are a top reason customers replace their iPhones. Let us start out by saying, this replacement is often unnecessary. We want to share some ways to fix your iPhone that can be cost-effective. Then we want to offer some preventative measures to protect your iPhone charging port.

iPhone Charging Port Not Working | DIY Assessment

If you made this search, you will be happy you stopped by here first. Why? Because not all YouTube do-it-yourself solutions are equal. Regrettably, there are a few of these “self-repair videos” that can actually damage your iPhone. However, they are right about the premise. The most common reason your iPhone won’t charge is that the port is clogged with lint, dust, or other debris.

DIY Don’ts

First, DO power down your iPhone. It is simply safer to ensure you avoid any electrical discharge between parts.

Second, NEVER shove anything metal into your charging point. Charging ports are sensitive pieces of electronics. They also allow your iPhone to communicate with other devices such as computers, cameras (GoPros), and headphones. As a result, you can cause performance issues with any of these or create a scenario where information exchange such as video is corrupted on transfer.

Some videos recommend toothpicks: DON’T use toothpicks. This too can create debris problems and make matters worse if the toothpick breaks or a small splinter of wood becomes lodged in the port.

DO NOT blow into your charge port. Your mouth is full of moisture. First, we work to avoid the word moist at all costs. Second, moisture and electric components (a.k.a. charge ports) don’t mix well.


DO USE compressed air to see if you can dislodge the lint. It is often this simple. Keep the can upright to avoid moisture or condensation entering the charge port.

If this doesn’t work by itself, an anti-static brush is a perfect tool for cleaning out your port. Since most people don’t have one handy, we recommend a 99 cent soft-bristle unused toothbrush. Again, without forcing it in, gently brush the port. If you produce some lint, you are on the right track. Following this, you can use the forced air again.

Repeat this if necessary until all the debris is removed. At this point, you should be able to feel the satisfying click of your charge cord freely entering your iPhone’s charge port.

My Charging Port is Actually Loose or Broken

“I’ve done all this and, still, my iPhone charging port is not working.” If you have determined your charging point is in need of repair do not despair. It’s time to take it to Apple if you still have Apple Care. The employees at the genius bar can diagnose the issue and replace your phone or have it repaired.

Conversely, if you are past your warranty and don’t have Apple care you can still have it repaired at a third-party iPhone repair shop. Fortunately, you will often find repairs are very cost-effective. As a result, your iPhone can be back at peak performance quickly and efficiently.

Repairs of charging ports can usually be done on the same day. If you have questions about the cost, you can call for an estimate:

Preventing Charging Port Problems with Your iPhone

If you have had a problem before you might be able to prevent the issues in the future by taking a few simple steps.

Don’t keep your phone in your pocket. Understandably, there are times you must. For this situation, you can purchase an anti-dust plug. It is fairly inexpensive. On top of that, it does a great job of keeping dust and lint out of you port.

If you are listening to wired headphone or charging your iPhone, don’t put pressure on the plug at the port. This can happen if you walk with your headphone plugged in and your iPhone in your front pocket. In addition, pressure can also be created by wrapping cords tightly around your phone while the cord is still plugged in. We recommend unplugging cords when they are not in use.

iPhone Charge Port Not Working? | Call the Fixi Shop

Our trusted technicians are happy to evaluate your unique situation. If your best option is a new phone, we will tell you. However, if you can save hundreds of dollars and get excellent performance for another year or two??? Well, that’s why we love what we do.

If you are still wondering if your iPhone charge port is really broken, give us a call @ (817) 200-6199.  We will be happy to take a look at it. You can also learn more by visiting our website. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.