iPhone Repair May Not be Under Warranty

iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones in today’s market.  Even if you do not own one, you have heard of them. Everybody knows somebody who owns one. As with all electronics though, the more intricate the device, the more complicated the repairs.  Technicians who deal with iPhone repair in Fort Worth TX can tell you first hand of the damages they have dealt with.  It is up to each user to become familiar with their phones warranty and in the ways to prevent damage to their device.

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First of all, by using your iPhone you are immediately agreeing to the standard Apple warranty.  Each new purchase will come with a limited one year warranty that you either agree too or forfeit your phone.  Be very aware of what you are agreeing too before using your device. Not every type of damage is covered, what is considered “user damage” is up to the owner to have repaired at their own expense.  Being fully aware of your warranty limitations will save frustration when visiting a shop for your iPhone repair.  Proof of purchase is also mandatory.  As your warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase, you must provide evidence of that purchase date.

Apple will not warranty your smartphone if you upgrade or modify it by somebody other than an Apple licensed technician.  Your warranty will void immediately upon modification.  Once you have had these changes completed you will be responsible for the full cost if your iPhone requires repairs.  iPhone repair technicians can advise you of the cost for repairs to your smartphone.

If you use your Apple device with a non-apple product and it causes damage, your device repairs are again at your own expense. Apple will not warranty the repairs if it is by a product outside of their own.  Technicians for iPhone repair will remind you to remember this when purchasing bedside clocks, speakers and other devices that iPhones can plug into and work with.  Be sure that you are purchasing a product that is reputable and will work well with your phone. Any damages are at your own expense.

One of the most popular damages to iPhones is user damage. Water damage, physical damage and cosmetic damage are not covered by Apple warranty. Technicians for iPhone repair can tell you countless stories of repairs to iPhones resulting by negligent use.  Do not carry your phone in the same pocket with your keys.  Do not leave your phone in the bathroom while taking a shower, the humidity will cause rust to the internal components. Do not leave your iPhone in a purse or bag pocket that has a regular tendency to get bumped or banged.

Before having your iPhone repaired in Fort Worth TX, or any state or country, remember to backup all of your data.  In the need that your device needs to be erased or repaired you will be able to restore all of your data.  If you have an Apple device that needs repair, The Fixi Shop will be able to help.  We offer curbside services for those that need their phone back in a hurry.  With our excellent rates, the friendly staff understands your need to have your phone functioning properly.  Know your warranty and its limitations, it will better prepare you for when your phone has an untimely mishap and is in need of repair.