The Fixi Shop’s Fort Worth Location Meeting the Needs of Public Demand

(Arlington, TX, Aug. 7, 2013) — Finding a reliable iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair shop, according to some Apple users, is a lot easier said than done, but ever since the opening of a Fort Worth iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair and accessories store, Apple product owners say they’ve received first-class service.

Steve Pena, head mechanic and spokesman for The Fixi Shop, said the company, which also has a storefront in Arlington, opened the new location in Fort Worth to meet the growing demand for repairs and quick fixes.

“There’s no secret that Apple develops totally awesome products, but since their products are so unique, it takes specialized knowledge, skill, and ability to make repairs when repairs are needed,” Pena said. “The great thing about the service here in at the Fort Worth location is that we also provide curb side service, something that’s not really seen anywhere else.”

The Fixi Shop, which is geared toward any Apple device users that have broken their iPhone, iPad or iPod, provides services for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5.

The Fixi Shop’s Fort Worth location, according to Pena, has not only become popular with the general public, but also with the local school district.

“Just as it is with our Arlington location, the new Fort Worth location has become the trusted source for many local school districts for IOS repairs,” Pena stressed about the location, which repairs the original iPad, iPad 2, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation, and the iPad Mini.

For those living within the Fort Worth area, Pena noted that his company also welcomes repair drop offs for the iPod Touch, 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation and the 4th Generation.

“We’re here to serve anyone who needs repairs and accessories,” Pena said. “Everything we do is done in a spirit of excellence, and nothing short of excellent is what customers can expect when they visit our Fort Worth location.”

For more information, please visit: https://fixishop.com/about/